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12 Mar 2018

Written by:

Kelly Yee

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Ashley Cooksley, is published in Adweek where she shares three aspects of great customer service that can affect a company’s bottom line.

In ‘3 Ways Social Media Customer Service Impacts the Bottom Line’, she discusses how delivering exceptional customer service on social media means understanding (and focusing on) three fundamental areas: consumers’ expectation of a fast response and resolution time; the inexorable rise of chatbots and artificial intelligence in improving efficiency; and the ability to mine data to gain insight into what customers want.

Done well, it means customers will spend more, it improves efficiency and it generates data that you can use to improve services and benchmark against your competitors. Done poorly, and you will be faced with spending precious resources digging your brand out of a hole.


Read the full article here: 3 Ways Social Media Customer Service Impacts the Bottom Line