Social commerce: get your brand on board

How can your brand incorporate social commerce into its social media strategy? Take a high-level perspective, stay true to your values and think of how social commerce can align with your audience.

Making Lady Gaga’s fans love OREO even more
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For OREO’s big launch, our Community Managers increased consumer connections, drove excitement around the product, and brought joy to Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters".

Supporting the mental wellness and self care of your team

It's 2021, and our team's mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever. Read about the approaches that have worked for our agency, on both sides of the Atlantic. We’ve written this guide in close collaboration with our wellness coordinator (and trained counsellor) – Chatelle Jeram.

Connecting brands with their consumers through social strategy, engagement, creative, and insights

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Social media for financial services organisations

Build customer trust through human-centered social media content, provide customer service within regulatory guidelines, and use customer feedback to improve products and services.

Engaging Customers for Ciroc's epic pop culture moment
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We're proud to have handled consumer engagement on Ciroc and Verzuz's livestream for the ages. As 6+ MM people tuned in, 1.9M tweets were generated globally, and it was awesome.

Key learnings for finance brands to take to 2021

As we kick off the new year, here are the most critical learning points for finance brands as they prepare their 2021 comms strategies.

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We can help simplify social, bring calm to the chaos, and build genuine human connections.

A global team of social media specialists, working round the clock to help brands thrive on social.

Social media feels chaotic and you don’t know where to focus?

You want to be prepared to protect your brand image should something bad happen?

You know your consumers are on social and they want to talk to you, but you can’t keep up?

You want to be better at reaching and engaging your community with your brand message?

You have a small team, and you don’t have the time you need to focus on your business strategy?

Social media never sleeps, and you’re worried about your brand reputation?

Data to fuel your strategy. What do people say? What do they do? Where do they hang out? And how about your competitors? We’ll help you get all that info, and more.


So now you have the data, but what should you do? Which platform to pick? Why? What should you say? How much of it and for how long? Strategy’s got you covered.


Know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. No matter what happens and where it happens. Because connecting with humans requires a plan.


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Brands that are slaying the social shopping game
social commerce
Social Commerce: How to Get Your Brand On Board
social commerce
“They are full of information and ideas. They are my go-to place to help me on my journey.”

Digital Transformation Manager, Mondelez