Purpose-driven marketing – a brand putting money where its mouth is

By 2050 there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish. There has been an extraordinary rise in consumer awareness of the plastic problem we face. Programmes like Blue Planet, and initiatives from campaign groups such as Greenpeace, Plastic Oceans and the Marine Conservation Society have all helped to bring the issue of ocean plastic forward in our minds.
We know (and have written about on this blog) that, increasingly, consumers buy based on belief. And ocean plastic is an issue that consumers believe in.
My favourite brand campaign to reduce ocean plastic comes from Adidas. It is a great example of a value-driven brand that is taking action by re-purposing ocean plastic into its products and spreading awareness via inspiring campaigns in collaboration with Parley, a marine organisation that raises awareness of the pollution in oceans caused by plastic, and encourages people to collaborate and find solutions. Adidas has been working with Parley since 2015, so this isn’t a one-off initiative, but part of an ongoing programme.
Adidas is putting its money where its mouth is, creating products made from recycled plastic that has been taken from coastal areas, intercepted before it reaches the ocean (as part of Parley’s ‘Avoid, Intercept, Recycle’ approach to plastic). By 2020, the brand says, it wants all of its products to use recycled plastic.
Adidas’ latest product is the FW18 UltraBoost Parley Shoe, being promoted now through advertising. Reports say it’s not only a sustainable product, but a good one.
In the face of the enormous controversy around Gillette and its attempt to put purpose at the heart of its brand, it’s great to see an example of where sustainability, brand values and product really do come together. No-one can accuse Adidas of greenwash or lip service.
We know consumers prefer sustainable brands with up to 73% of millennials being willing to spend more on products coming from sustainable brands so, Adidas is making a corporate commitment and creating a product that is not only good for our environment but good for their business. A real Win Win.  

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