5 Automotive Social Media Tips For Tik Tok

Is your automotive social media marketing TikTok content placing your brand in the fast lane, toward gaining audience loyalty or are you running out of gas chasing trends? Using TikTok in new and innovative ways and maintaining and building your audience, at a steady speed, is the key to making this platform work for your brand.

Automotive social media marketing agencies are using TikTok globally and locally to increase brand awareness, fan allegiance, and product sales. Here are some of the ways to make TikTok an engine of social media success. 

Test Drive Social First Content Creation

The average consumer spends 2 hours a day on social media. The average time spent on TikTok per day globally is 52 minutes, with 90% of users accessing it on a daily basis. This is a huge brand opportunity that’s easy to miss if you aren’t creating content that is social first. You are building relationships on platforms and need to speak in the language of the platform to reach the target audience you want to build. Automotive brands have a huge opportunity to connect to owners on TikTok, but if the messaging isn’t social- they won’t make a connection. 

Reactive Content 

Your reactive content, on auto pilot. When you talk to your friends about topics, be it Superbowl ads, or the latest greatest album you bought, you have a unique way of expressing your opinion. Brands do to! A key of social media is being able to communicate your brand messaging, while talking about everything under the sun. The Social Element uses utilises social media tools and social listening specifically for automotive brands on TikTok to find the right tone and voice that your audience is looking for and will respond to. 

Organic Automotive Content Content 

TikTok organic content is all about authenticity. No filters, no fluff are benchmarks of TikTok content. This absolutely does not mean that the content cannot be fun. TikTok is really so much fun. Have fun in your campaigns and deliver great organic content that your users will react to and engage with, making real connections. The Social Element builds organic content strategies that are solidly grounded in automotive social media data trends. We are leaders in this area and have helped some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry, really pick up the pace of their social media marketing, using organic content. 

Repurposing Brand Assets 

New here? Automotive brands are titans of manufacturing and with so many people really connecting with their car as part of their identity, it is important that brand assets are repurposed regularly to keep this connection alive. Telling your brand story on social media requires a completely different tack. The Social Element Automotive services have the resources and the expertise to get your tack back on track. To connect with your audience you have to tell your story in a way that they engage with emotionally. We understand how to craft these narratives, so your story gets heard. 

Automotive Campaigns and Bespoke Content 

Automotive marketing is competitive. We know because we have crafted automotive social media campaigns, many, many times. One of the reasons we are so good at what we do is that we listen, hard, before we campaign. Understanding your audience through the use of our social cycle and crafting campaigns that are socially relevant, inclusive, time sensitive, tone and voice appropriate, and that perform, are our specialty. We create campaigns that are creative and that build real brand activism online. 
Automotive brands who successfully use social media stand to gain some of the 86% of car shoppers who go online to look for cars. An automotive social media agency helps promote authentic engagement and build brand affinity using a number of tools and types of content. Beyond crisis protocols and helping consumers with car talk, we are a social media agency with social automotive expertise, across continents, languages and platforms. Get in the drivers seat of your social with The Social Element.

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