Brands Must Get Political

Brands Must Get Political – MediaPost

In today’s globally and constantly connected world, brands must take a stance. In MediaPost’s “Forget What They Told You, Brands Must Get Political”, our CMO, Ashley Cooksley, lays out the reasons why brands can’t avoid the talk of politics anymore.
As consumers become more engaged, they demand more from the brands that they use. This is going completely against the strategies of the past. Everything you have been taught or told about brands consciously avoiding political controversy or, at very least, tiptoeing around political hot buttons, can now be thrown out the window.

“So where does this leave brand managers that have been badgered for years with the advice to “never talk politics”?

The answer is deceptively simple: Shun convention and take the plunge into politics. Recognize that in the era of social-media fluidity, the key is to engage clearly and authentically with your consumers. Garner empathy with increasingly highly-mobilized communities.”

Read the article in full here: Forget What They Told You, Brands Must Get Political

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