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Break down silos during a crisis

During a crisis, it is vital the crisis team works together to ensure the organisation is operating as a single communications entity. However, it is common for the crisis communications team and the social media team to work on their own, with very little interaction.

With organisations split into various departments, it is easy for teams to work in silos. Everyone is working on their own goals and objectives without thinking about the business as a whole. But during a crisis, they should all be working towards the same goal, the ‘strategic intent’ of the crisis. That means all communications must be aligned. A crisis team, while it draws on the strengths and resources from different departments, must include the social media team, as social media is a vital channel for communicating quickly and to a wide audience during a crisis.

Communicating the messages and key facts during a crisis is critical in distributing the correct information to your customers, stakeholders, and employees. But if communications and social media are not working together, there will be mixed messages that will confuse your audience. That could give the impression you are hiding the truth

An integrated approach

By working together, the communications and social media team can develop an integrated communications approach, so there is consistency in what is being said on social, as well as to traditional media. An integrated approach means the messaging will be quicker, factual and credible.

To do this effectively takes practice. Rehearse working as one team by having regular simulations and mapping out roles and responsibilities. By having regular practice sessions, both teams will appreciate each other’s role in the crisis and implement workflows and processes on how to work effectively together.

Break down those silos and work as one unit. Teams that work together are better equipped to manage a crisis and reduce the reputation impact on the business.

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

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