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6 Apr 2018

Written by:

Natalie Aquilina

Social media gives brands and businesses huge opportunities to market to and support customers. It also opens your brand up to risk – how can you ensure the risk/reward of social media is balanced in perfect harmony? The answer is to have a bulletproof plan for social customer service in place. This must be robust and aligned with all your business functions needed to support this delivery.


Bulletproof Plan for Social Customer Service


In the worst case not having a customer service plan for social can lead to a crisis. The best way to prevent a crisis is to prepare for the crisis. A bulletproof customer service plan allows you to plan for the management of green, amber and at worst red/critical issues protecting your brand reputation. You will also have the opportunity to truly delight your customers by responding to them via the channel they want to communicate with you on. Happy hashtagging!