The Secret to Social Media Success? Creativity

Novelty makes us happy & creative activities enhance our wellbeing according to research on how our brains work. Activities such as drawing and painting amplify our state of wellness and can delay cognitive decline. 

Why does creativity matter? 

We’re living in a consumption heavy world.  Everywhere we turn; online and offline; there is an invitation, request or opportunity to take in more information, take action, give money and time, to do something.  While some of these offers are welcome, others are not, and some we heed out of necessity. 

Essentially we are often consumers first and foremost. While that has its positives, it can also lead to passivity, apathy and feeling dissatisfied when what we truly want goes unacknowledged and unexplored. 

So how is this connected with creative activities?

Creativity, activities and practices such as drawing, painting, writing and crafts provide opportunities for trying something new and accessing new ideas. You choose how you move, what you’ll do next and you can play with options for trying different directions. You immediately invite choices and intuitive as well as logical decision-making when you’re immersed in a creative activity. 

What has this got to do with my love and appreciation of social media? 

Social media is abundant with content, and it’s easy to move into a passive, reactive mode of taking it all in. 

As a content creator; whether that is your own content or responding to questions and providing guidance to communities; our interactions online can become a mechanical production line, which left unchecked dilutes meaning and understanding. 

Being discerning in our choices whenever possible moves us closer to feeling liberated and empowered. In this state we invite in more clarity, vision, ideas and intentional action. 

You’ve got your creativity. Now what?

Try creating before you spend time on social media personally or professionally. Do a couple of creative writing prompts, try painting or simply doodle in a notebook for a few minutes.  Notice what happens when you approach reading, responding to and creating online content after you have dedicated time to creating for fun and lighting up the access to being in a creative flow state. 

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