Curate your social media experience

During this worldwide pandemic and any other chaotic time, our social media feeds can be a mixed source of inspiration, assistance, fun, facts, misinformation, confusion, overwhelm and mayhem.

Treat this as an opportunity to question how your social media presence is helping or hindering you.  Get started with these suggestions.


  • It’s quickly becoming a buzzword and new jobs are springing up specialising in tech and device detox.  You don’t need to hire a consultant to implement time boundaries with using social.   
  • If you’re finding your social feeds are too virus heavy or are bringing your down, schedule in social media time.  Halt notifications on particular feeds. Consider having your phone on silent, in flight mode or switched off for particular times of day or night, if your circumstances allow.

Curate space to breathe and be


  • Try engaging to connect with others.  Instead of posting likes or emojis; supply a comment or a question.  If someone’s post appeals to you, consider messaging the individual privately to carry out a more intimate conversation.  

Curate relationships


  • Challenge yourself to post about something unrelated to the current news.  Continuing to be creative and thoughtful helps us open our perspectives and uncover opportunities.

Curate innovation


  • Times like these, emotions are heightened and it shows on social as much as it does in person (sometimes even more!)  Where and with whom can you exercise patience, empathy and openness? Someone expressing an extreme emotional state provides us with an opportunity to see the world through their words.  It might not be comfortable and you don’t have to agree with them – but you can open up possibilities and awareness.

Curate understanding and empathy

How are you curating your social media experience?

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