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What We Think

8 May 2018

Written by:

Kelly Yee

In The Drum’s regular podcast series, ‘Exceptional Women of the World’, our CEO, Tamara Littleton, shares her start in social media marketing, her growth and what she sees in the future of social media marketing. The ‘Exceptional Women of the World’ podcast highlights and celebrates the great achievements, lives and POV of amazing women throughout the world of advertising, marketing, digital, tech and creativity.

“A generous, tenacious and compassionate leader, Littleton has evolved her style, which came from executive team feedback that she was not direct enough and averse to conflict…Continuously learning, Littleton places a great deal of stock in not only understanding the path of the internet and social interaction online but participating with those who are shaping its future.”

Tamara also shares her love for singing, especially karaoke. For team building, it is all about the karaoke.

Listen to the full podcast here: ‘You just have to go for it’: Exceptional Women of the World – The Drum