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What We Think

12 Feb 2018

Written by:

Kelly Yee

Elizabeth Koenig, one of our US-based Account Managers, has a great piece up on The Marketing Insider. ‘Focus On Empathy, Rapport, Experiences; Everything Else Is Worthless’ draws on her personal experience with brands and customer engagement. Customers actively seek out brands due to an emotional connection and she shares what that connection is.

“In the world of online customer service, you don’t need something bad to happen to you to build a connection with a company. In fact, any engagement is an opportunity for a meaningful conversation. Building rapport is something only a human can do. How can a brand build an emotional connection to a customer if their connection starts online? The answer is in real, timely communication from people who are invested in that experience.”

Read the piece here: Focus On Empathy, Rapport, Experiences; Everything Else Is Worthless