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How To Deal With Online Criticism

Engaging with online content on social media may take a moment or two, but the emotional impact can be so much bigger.  A criticism of or disagreement with the point of view we are sharing can leave us feeling judged, upset, angry or worried that we’ve failed. 

Why is it that a few words in can incite an overwhelming response from us internally?

The human mind holds a plethora of data at conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels.  As meaning makers, we naturally categorise and associate bits of information together. Sometimes when we’re faced with an upsetting situation, we are associating it with similarly upsetting situations from the past or worries about the future and the conclusions we have drawn from these potential or lived experiences. This can amplify our emotional reaction.  

So what now?

  1. Get general: Mentally zoom out to an eagle eye view of the situation unfolding from the online content on social media, and view it in context of your entire life. It will most likely be a small spec in this context
  2. Sensate: Identify any feelings arising. Focus on the physical sensations of the feeling with a beginner’s mind perspective for 90 seconds, and notice if there’s a shift in the intensity of the feeling. 
  3. Evaluate the perspectives coming in from others in configuration with yours. What are you noticing now?
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