Industry Expertise

Social media isn’t one-size-fits-all. Each industry requires a unique approach when it comes to connecting with customers, driving awareness and mitigating risk.

We specialize in creating dynamic social media strategies for four key industries. Because have extensive exposure to the unique challenges in these realms, we’re better equipped to work with our client partners in developing, managing, and optimizing their social media strategies.

When it comes to social media for the Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Financial Services, and Alcohol industry, we’re in our element.

We help CPG brands embrace the evolving media landscape and create a memorable social experience. This means measurable KPIs, stellar customer service, and brand love through authentic human connections.


Automotive brands who use social media effectively build brand affinity through authentic engagement, have a strong crisis protocol, and help customers with their car questions, pre- and post-purchase.


How do financial services companies build long-term customer relationships and brand advocates? By building customer trust through human-centered social media content, providing customer service within regulatory guidelines, and using customer feedback to improve their products and services.


Effective alcohol brands use social media to engage with consumers on a local and global level, optimize moderation times, and follow regional advertising regulations.


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