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Gaming is interactive, so social media should be too.

Gaming is a world of its own and its foundations and future inform so much of what is happening in social media. When 2020 restricted our interactions in physical spaces, virtual gaming spaces became a place to discover new realities, connect with peers, and have fun. 

We take a cue from players and games and help brands merge the virtual gaming worlds with the social media world, creating a seamless experience where gamers can get excited about new releases, feel connected to a like-minded community, and get further immersed in your brand’s game universe.

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Let’s make social media work for your gaming brand


of gamers are women and 46% of all gamers in the world are aged 36 or higher.

Understand your audience

Gamers are a more diverse audience than you might think; 45% of gamers are women and 46% of all gamers in the world are aged 36 or higher. 

Knowing who you’re speaking to is the first step to crafting the right gaming social media experience. Using insights, we’ll tell you the who, what, when, where, and why of your social media performance. Our teams can turn all this data into a strategy fit for your brand, helping to drive conversations and create connections.

Social Listening

Gaming is interactive, so social media should be too. Let’s use social listening and join the conversation. See what your audience is saying about you, learn what they think about your competitors and direct the conversation to your advantage. 

Boost your social content by tapping into user-generated content. Shout out your fans by reposting their fan art or photo modes. Show who’s into your games and start building the loyal community for your brand. 

Keep your ear to the ground to seek out any negative content and conversation. If there’s a bug or server outage, you want to be the first to know. We’ll use social listening to help you detect and address any issues so your gamers feel heard.


of gamers on YouTube report that they actually spend more time watching others play


of all hours users spend watching live streams on the Internet.

Content Strategy

Gamers as a group are digitally savvy and are usually active across multiple platforms. Here’s a rundown of the top social networks for gaming brands: 


Twitch accounts for over 72% of all hours users spend watching live streams on the Internet.

Twitch is ideal for any gaming studio looking to make the most of influencer marketing. You should consider working with top streamers that have millions of followers for games in your niche.


Discord is the principal social network for gamers and offers an anonymous space to communicate ad free. It doubled in size in 2020 and operates similarly to Reddit, or a groupchat where gamers chat in real time with voice, text, and video, without being tracked by platform analytics for ads. 

Discord’s subscription based business model, selling emojis and advanced settings to users instead of ad space, results in a user centered experience. Gaming audiences communicate much more candidly, giving brands a direct line to unfiltered feedback.

Looking to get REAL insights into your game? Discord is the best place. 


Your brand needs to be on Twitter to stay relevant in the gaming world. 55% of gamers check in on the platform daily, and 68% specifically do so to keep up with gaming news and trends. 

Use Twitter to have human and friendly conversations with your fans, using it to boost awareness of your games. It’s an awesome place to get in front of gamers because many people share their thoughts and reviews about new releases on Twitter. 


1 billion hours a month are spent playing games on Facebook. Aside from its built-in games, Facebook is also a platform where gamers come together to join groups and pages where they can discuss new releases and even find people to play with online. Use it to build buzz and conversation around your new release or host events for your brand’s gaming community. 


YouTube is another platform where gamers go to build a community around their favorite games. 48% of gamers on YouTube report that they actually spend more time watching others play games than playing themselves so they can learn tips and discover new games from their favorite influencers.

Similar to Twitch, YouTube is an ideal place to tap into influencer marketing. With YouTube Live and YouTube Premier, creators can connect with their fans over live gameplay for an immersive and social experience. 

We can help you identify which platforms you need to be on, then help you form a social content strategy to maximize engagement across the board.

“We consider our relationship with The Social Element to be a partnership, with a proactive approach. The team keep our consumers at the forefront of all decisions, and have allowed us to move our business forward through their approach to social.”

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