What is Lemon8 & Why You Should Care

Lemon8, the latest app from ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, has been gaining traction in the US recently despite being around globally for a few years now.

Here’s what we know about the app so far:

  • The app originally debuted in Japan in 2020, and launched in the U.S. and U.K. in February 2023.
  •  It recently jumped into the U.S. App Store’s Top 10 Charts, even making it to the #2 spot in recent weeks.
  • The spike in US user downloads was influenced by a paid campaign of influencers promoting the app on TikTok, as well as creators who are being paid by ByteDance to post on Lemon8.
  • The platform is being called  a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, focusing primarily on photos and image galleries of lifestyle content.
  • Uploaded content is divided into five main categories: beauty, fashion, travel, wellness and food. 
  • The app is designed like TikTok, with both a “For You” column and a “Following” section.

Here’s our take on Lemon8

While it’s still too early to recommend actively joining the platform, we do recommend creating an account in order to secure your brand’s handle for if and when the time would come for your brand to join Lemon8 and to prevent imposter accounts from showing up. 

Since the platform does not currently appear to have a verification system in place, some users are already creating fake brand accounts in order to try to leverage the sale of these handles if and when brands do look to join Lemon8. 

Furthermore, since a large portion of content creators on the app are currently paid by ByteDance, there is still no accurate picture of how the platform is playing out with everyday users when it comes to both content creation and engagement. 

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