Nathalie Dimitri

Agency Spotlight: Nathalie Dimitri, Social Strategist

We’re continuing our look at some of the talented women who work for The Social Element. What side hustles and passion projects are they involved in, and why are they important to them?

Today, Social Strategist, Nathalie Dimitri, tells us all about her passion for hand-lettered designs. 

Nathalie Dimitri / @bashfullettering

Nathalie discovered a new hobby, which became a passion and finally a business.

“I had just moved from Montreal to New Jersey and hadn’t yet found my way to The Social Element. I stumbled upon hand-lettering videos on Instagram and was hooked. I started practicing on my own as a way to keep busy, and eventually built up the courage to start my own Instagram page to share my work, which led me to start my own Etsy shop.”

Hand-lettering’s a great way to decompress while creating meaningful keepsakes for people’s important occasions.

“Picking a quote and then turning it into a hand-lettered design often feels like a form of meditation and is a good way to decompress. I also love creating hand-lettered designs for other people, especially when it’s a seating chart or signs that are a part of someone’s wedding or other special events.”

Nathalie values having a creative outlet that also helps her grow and feel empowered.

Having something creative to focus your energy on outside of work is so important. It allows you to constantly be growing and pursuing a goal. Whether it’s setting out to create three new hand-lettered posts in a month or focusing on designing five new products for my Etsy shop, knowing that I have that creative outlet I can turn to whenever I want/need it is empowering.”

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