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Amber Kirby: Be more John

Genuine Humans
Genuine Humans
Amber Kirby: Be more John

In this week’s episode of Genuine Humans, hosts Tamara Littleton and Wendy Christie talk to senior brand-led marketer, Amber Kirby. Amber has helped shape some of our favourite brands, including Pringles (which she stopped from being launched in a bag), Boots, Virgin Holidays and Eurostar.

Amber talks about her career journey, her challenges, and what inspires her, as well as why she didn’t take her school’s career advice to be an auctioneer. Ever since childhood, she has been energetic, driven and curious (her mum had to buy her the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica to answer all her questions). 

She also speaks candidly about her personal journey, her influences and leadership style, and what she’s learned from working with Eurostar through the travel restrictions of the pandemic. It’s a fascinating conversation that reveals not just the work that Amber does, but the genuine human behind it. 


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