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Sherilyn Shackell: A Female Entrepreneurs’ Daughter

Genuine Humans
Genuine Humans
Sherilyn Shackell: A Female Entrepreneurs' Daughter

Joining Tamara and Wendy this week is the incredible Sherilyn Shackell, founder and CEO of The Marketing Academy, the non-profit organisation which inspired and develops the best talent at all levels in marketing, media and communications. 

Her story is extraordinary. She left school at 16 to join the family business, following in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial mother who inspired her. But  a series of devastating family events shook her world apart, leading her to drive herself so hard in her work that she ended up in intensive care in her early 40s. 

She completely changed her life, focusing on her purpose, her family, and how she might do good in the world. The result was the Marketing Academy, which Sherilyn founded, centred around an absolute belief that marketing, media and advertising, done well, can make a profound change for the better in the world.

Sherilyn talks about her personal experience, why time is her most precious commodity, her purpose and direction for the Marketing Academy, and how to inspire new, emerging and diverse talent into the industry.

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