Creating a strategy for Dr Pepper on TikTok

Social Media Strategy

Creating a strategy to make Dr Pepper relevant on TikTok

Case Study

How brands connect with consumers on social media can be make or break.

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Social never sleeps, and luckily, we have a wealth of experience in working with CPG brands to create genuine human connections on social media, and that’s just what we did for Dr Pepper on TikTok.

The challenge

TikTok provides a great marketing opportunity for B2C brands, but it requires its own approach that is different to other platforms.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the real opportunity for brands is to participate in trending conversations, even when the brand isn’t mentioned. This is time-intensive, and requires daily dedication.  

Dr Pepper is a much-loved, well known brand that was building a TikTok audience before the brand had a plan in place to leverage the conversation. TikTok moves at the speed of culture, and requires a fast-paced approach – one that Dr Pepper had not prepared for, and they looked to our team to create the strategy and ongoing approach.

What we did

We built a comprehensive TikTok strategy for paid advertising, influencer content, and proactive engagement.

The strategy provided guidance on how to identify emerging trends early, offer solutions that re-use assets wherever possible to ensure quick turnaround, how to identify and work with creators to drive engagement, and creative ideas to commission new content when the opportunity is right. The proactive engagement strategy helps the brand evolve as the trends and creators do on the platform to maximise the brands reach in an authentic way with consumers.

The Results

Dr Pepper’s Followers grew from 35K to 134K in 6 months (+282%)

13 million views


The team engages throughout the day to find the right content for Dr Pepper. For example, TSE found this video on the brink of going viral, commenting early in its popularity, before it reached over 13M views. As a result, the response has received over 122K likes.

Since we delivered our first TikTok strategy for Dr Pepper, our team has guided 8 more Keurig Dr Pepper brands joining TikTok such as 7UP, Canada Dry, and Keurig.

It’s easy to see why our team of dedicated Social Media Specialists are some of the hardest working people in social media! In addition to the other incredible work they do writing content, responding to consumer queries, and managing each brands platform portfolio, they’re also busy trend spotting to find the right opportunities for Dr Pepper, which is no easy task. Engagement opportunities come from 3 different sources:

  1. The Discovery page (which takes weeks of training the algorithm then daily commitment ongoing)
  2. Brand mentions
  3. Untagged mentions (when a brand shows up in the TikTok, but hasn’t been tagged)

Each of these takes daily commitment that only a dedicated team can provide. 


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