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Maynards Bassetts Case Study

Setting the juice loose

Shaking up the market once more with all new packaging, a new ad campaign and some exciting new sweets to share, Maynards Bassetts had ambitions to re-establish itself as the master brand in the corner of the British confectionery market.

With the release of a new product (Superfruit Jellies), new packaging designs, and a co-ordinated, multimedia ‘Set The Juice Loose’ campaign, Maynards Bassetts reinvigorated its Proper Juicy identity and turned passive affection into active adoration.

It had been a long time since Maynards Bassetts had properly engaged with its consumers on social, but with its new ‘Set The Juice Loose’ campaign, it opened the doors to reconnect with its audience. 

We crafted a strong and effective engagement strategy across all channels to bring the brand back to life, create a community and make it the number 1 confectionary brand with the consumers.

Become the voice and personality of Maynards Bassetts. 

We engaged with the audience across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), combining humour and a friendly tone of voice with expert product knowledge and competitor information. 

By communicating the ‘Proper Juicy’ identity of the Maynards Bassetts range, we were able to boost brand awareness and grow brand love. 

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Sentiment across all platforms was mostly neutral or positive:
Facebook 82%
Instagram 98%
Twitter 79% 


engagement uplift in 2 months


deep engagement of shares or comments

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