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How brands connect with consumers on social media can be make or break. Luckily, we have a wealth of experience in working with CPG brands to create those important connections on social media, and that’s just what we did for Keurig Dr Pepper.

Sometimes sexy, flashy ad campaigns get all the glory, but arguably there is equal and sometimes greater value in how a brand connects with their consumer on social media. Not as a broadcast channel, but as genuine interaction.

Used social media to go beyond just content. Our team engaged with the brand’s audience across Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, combining expert product knowledge with a humorous tone of voice in all brand interactions with consumers.

With round-the-clock social media management services, our work is social-first and community-led. We looked for trending content and unique mentions to repurpose for relevant and timely content, thus increasing the brands’ relevancy and connection to cultural moments.

TikTok user leverages Dua Lipa’s song “Levitating” to make her love for Dr pepper known. As part of the larger goal to bring new consumers in and tap into trends on the platform, out team spotted this video / trend within hours and engaged with this user. Dr Pepper fans (known as Peppers) are loyal and the intention of the brand and our team is to connect in authentic yet fun ways.


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