reducing stress at work

10 Tips For Reducing Stress At Work

Stress levels going up (and staying up) is a common challenge most of us face in the workplace, often on a daily basis.  Today’s workplace is fast-paced, highly changeable and at times unpredictable.

Check out these 10 tips from our diverse workforce for reducing stress at work and increasing motivation.

We are hardwired for human connection:

  • Speak to at least one person outside of your workplace and your household everyday
  • Look out for opportunities to talk to colleagues over video or in-person rather than solely relying on chat or email

Go tech-free:

  • Vigorously defend 30 – 60 minutes for a lunch break away from your computer and away from tech devices

Moving around will help with reducing stress at work!

  • Take a walk two or three times a day to break up the work day with bursts of exercise and movement
  • Use a sitting to standing desk to help improve posture and circulation


  • Just as important as hydrating, pause and breathe.  Use apps or classes to practice breathing deeply and breathwork as a release for stress and anxiety
  • Select a meaningful word, statement or quote for the year that keeps you focused and motivated.  Keep this in view on your monitor, a screensaver, on your desk or pinned to the wall
  • Keep plants or fresh flowers in your workspace

Know your burnout signs and act on them before it’s needed:  

  • Get observant about the length of time you can focus before needing a break to renew concentration and take short breaks as often as you need to.  
  • Every day do at least one thing that energises* you – talking to a friend, playing sport, creating art, cooking, gardening, reading, listening to music; whatever it is that helps you feel energised, motivated and vital. 

*not to be confused with activities that drain your energy levels instead of replenishing them

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