Does your brand need a social media agency

Keep your social media content, social first! To really get the most value from social media, you need to be social! Your audience has a tone of voice. Social media is not a broadcast channel and if you want to see results from social media campaigns, you need to first listen to your audience and learn to really engage with them. A great social media agency builds real human connections with an audience and understands the emotion beyond the connection with your product and service. 

Social Stacked in Your Favor: Tools 

The first step in a social cycle, or when you begin with The Social Element, is determining your tech stack and performing an audit of social media processes. Are you using KPIs that do not align with your broader marketing objectives? Is your data measuring tech obsolete? Platform updates and features are being released constantly. Having experts who understand the implications of these updates for your brand and how they affect your strategy is a technical component that is often undervalued when clients consider social media agencies. If you want to stack social in your favor, you need to have an agency that understands not only the update, but the history of the update, the competitive pressures that prompted an update, and the platform roadmap, before acting. 

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Discord are just a few of the platforms top social media agencies are experts in. But you need more than this to make an impact in your social strategy. Even when you can claim expertise in all the platforms, they are constantly updating and competing to provide new services to businesses and to creators. This is our space. Let us keep you informed and strategise in advance so your messaging and processes are not disrupted.

Eyes and Ears Connect to Hearts, Everywhere 

How many resources do you think it would take to understand how to connect to your audience across 40 different languages? We believe the ability to build genuine human connections and brand love and loyalty is the mark of a great social media strategy. This is where social listening comes in.

Social listening extends far beyond searching hashtags across major networks, you need eyes and ears, everywhere, and who are trained to analyse sentiment behind content and emotion beyond the emoji. Most brands don’t have the bandwidth to research across dozens of boards, networks, and groups, like a social media agency does. Not to mention social listening beyond borders and across languages. If you have big marketing goals and messages that need to be delivered across continents, and social media is part of your vision, you need to be listening before acting. 

A Social Media Agency To Find Your Audience 

In our social media cycle, social listening and audience analysis is the first step to identifying new audiences. Most businesses, even those with big market research budgets, might miss potential audiences that a great social media agency will not because they lack the trained talent that can really listen to and analyse an audience. This is not sorcery, we aren’t conjuring new target audiences, this is data backed and precise. Our analysts are trained to deep dive into your existing audience, listen to them, and find similar audiences that may also be receptive to your messaging, and can become your loyal customers.. 

Engage at the right time

How do you know if you have jumped on trend at the right time? Are you jumping on the right trend? The Social Element develops strategies for messaging and relationship building that focus on proactive and reactive content, with trends in mind. Not all trends need to be followed and commented on. At The Social Element, all conversations are social first and in a language that your audience speaks, are culturally relevant, and appropriate for your brand, whether they are trending or not. When the time is right to jump on a trend, we show you creative ways to engage, without selling out. 

We are listening first, and attracting engagements rather than pushing messaging onto an audience. Finding a social media voice is more difficult than having a tone and voice on your website. A social media agency brings this voice and tone to life through authentic engagements. Through analysis and listening we can suggest ways to speak that really resonate with your audience. This increases engagement and leads to brand loyalty and revenue gains. 

Always Learning through Testing, Reporting, and Analysis 

A savvy in-house social media team can interact and create content and can probably draw conclusions based on their observations, to shift engagements but global brands need much more than that. A global social media agency understands the metrics that really matter to your brand and what will make an impact on your audience because learning is a priority. Social media agencies are constantly conducting tests and analyzing complex data sets, to deliver in-depth reports. Reporting is mission-critical to understanding the total ecosystem that is your social media presence across platforms and time zones. At The Social Element, we deliver data-backed but digestible insights that are impactful and scalable. 

Harness the power of social with your social media agency

Building genuine human connections through social media will create the love and loyalty your brand needs to compete online and IRL. As a social media agency, we’ve got the expertise and genuine humans to help your brand utilise the power of social. Contact The Social Element to learn if a social media agency is a fit for your brand.

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