The Social Element

A social media agency in New York

The Social Element

A social media agency in New York

We are an award-winning social media agency in New York City whose team of experts make sure that your social media is always on, in the city that never sleeps. 

What we will do as your US social media agency

We dive deep into insights and the customer experience to find the most impactful ways to connect with your audience and drive engagements that push the needle for your brand objectives. When New York or East Coast brands are looking for social media marketing experts, they rely on The Social Element as their social media agency in New York. 

Our New York social media strategists and insights teams work with you to map brand challenges and assets to hone in on where exactly your brand can make a difference in social media and plan how. We build much more than winning social media strategy and engaging and impactful social media content, we connect your brand with audiences to deliver real business results.

Social Media Trendspotting
Social media provides a unique opportunity for brands to harness the power of cultural trends to raise brand awareness and ensure relevancy. Any NYC social media marketing agency can spot trends, but use data to give purpose, this is why we combine smart tools with smart people that can light the path for our clients. Our team uncovers the right cultural moments and critical brand insights through social media insight reporting, social listening, competition analysis and audience profiling.
Social Media Strategy
Like New York, social never sleeps, and we deliver social media strategies that are built to be effective at the speed of culture, prioritizing how to stay on top of trends through planning and relevancy. Different client needs require a different social media marketing strategy. We optimize social media activity against competitors, provide recommendations, create a clear path for social media content, and deliver measurable KPI’s.
Social Media Creative Engagement
Our social media engagement services connect with US based consumers in real-time through community management, proactive engagement, consumer support, and influencer management. Social media provides a huge advantage to be able to listen to our client’s customers, pre-empt their needs, create social media content that resonates and taps into culture, all whilst being able to measure, test, optimize and pivot as needed to remain relevant in an ever-changing consumer landscape.
Community-Lead Content
We believe that community-led content requires an entirely different approach from other channels. Social Media Marketing is not about broadcasting your news, it is about connecting with your audience, in New York, Tokyo, London or all over the world. Whether adapting social media campaign creative or delivering social-specific content, we use consumer insight to fuel our social media strategy and thinking to ensure our delivery, tone and creative is right for the local culture, the platform, and the brand.
Social Media Brand Protection
The foundational bedrock of our social media service in New York is ensuring that our clients can sleep at night knowing that we offer social media brand protection, 24/7. Social media moderation services was the first service we provided to our clients when we started 20 years ago, and it’s still at the heart of everything we do.

Where you can find The Social Element

We are located at:

41 East 11th Street
New York,
NY 10003
United States


Brands who trust us

Our social-first model ensures that big and small brands alike receive the social media attention they need by matching the right team member’s cultural knowledge, passion, and experience to the right brand.

So when it comes time to really meet performance goals and grow your presence across social media in the UK for Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Financial Services, and Alcohol industries, we are your social media agency.


Does The Social Element offer social media crisis remediation for New York Brands?

Yes! We offer Brand Protection services that focus on local brand management and global. No locale is too small or large.

I live on the West Coast, is The Social Element a social media marketing agency that can help our company?

Yes. The Social Element works with US-based companies in and outside of New York. We actually work with clients all around the world!

Do I need an appointment to contract Social Media Content Strategy services in New York?

You should start with a call to get to know us, then we can come to you or you to us!

How do I prepare for social media marketing crisis management services in New York?

This is a global question! We have a series of steps that include forecasting and simulations for crisis management. Contact us to learn more!

Are The Social Element Social Media Services available outside of New York City?

We are global! Not only are we available outside of New York City, but most of our teams are spread because of how challenging it is to manage worldwide accounts and keep our teams tethered to New York or London. Reach out to us and we can talk about what you need, and where!

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