Being able to interact in a useful and entertaining way with the people who love your brand is what makes social media great. The Social Element’s Social Media Engagement services help you create meaningful customer relationships via great social customer care, while ensuring you’re aware of potential issues – and opportunities – through social media monitoring. We’re also experts at making sure your brand’s reputation is kept safe at all time with human-led content moderation and world class social media crisis management.

Our Social Media Engagement services:

Social Customer Care

Social is the new, cost-effective, always-on way to engage with consumers in real time. Your customers expect it and we can help you deliver it.

Human approach: Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another network, our social customer care service fits seamlessly with your existing processes and ensures your brand voice is consistently delivered and your consumers are well engaged across all social channels, globally. We hire humans, not machines.

Social Media Monitoring

Being able to respond to issues on social media as they emerge is a huge opportunity whether it’s seizing chance to offer amazing customer engagement, or spotting an issue that could boil over into a crisis.

Our social media monitoring service keeps you up to date with all conversations consumers are having about your brand and your market, so you can adapt your spend accordingly to avoid potential brand risks and maximise social media ROI.

Social Media Crisis Management

When a crisis breaks on social media you need an experienced team in place who can help guide your response and minimise the potential impact.

We give you expert guidance to support your brand’s social media response when a crisis hits, anytime, anywhere. Using our crisis simulation platform, Polpeo, we can ensure your brand is trained and prepared should a crisis hit.


A strong, vibrant community around your brand is hugely valuable. Effective and consistent moderation is key to building these communities while keeping your brand free from risk.

Our social media moderation service protects your brand and provides a positive social experience for your audience by ensuring user generated content fits your brand values and market regulations.

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