When you have the right data, you make better decisions. The Social Element’s social media insights help you make better decisions by giving you an accurate picture of your performance and where you can improve. We measure and analyse only the metrics that matter – trust us, there are lots that don’t. You get practical solutions – based on real data – to help you shine on social.

Our Social Media Insights services:

Social Media Snapshot

Need a concise view of your social media is performance that you can share across your brand team? The Social Media Snapshot helps you make data-driven decisions, with an accurate and consistent view of how your brand is performing across all its social media channels.

Content Performance Reporting

Giving your audience social media content they love is how you build brand advocates. Our social media content reporting can help improve the meaningfulness of your consumer relationships with a clear picture of how they are engaging with your current social content.

Competitive Benchmarking

What does ‘good’ social media performance look like? Our competitive benchmarking service lets you see how you’re performing  compared to your direct competitors. We survey your sector, give you a picture of what great looks like, and analyse how you measure up.

Emotional Resonance

Understanding audience sentiment is important, but being able to see the emotional context is invaluable. Our Emotional Resonance service increases your engagement and improves your content by understanding the emotional factors affecting audience behaviour.
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Social Listening Insights

We scan the conversations across social and the web to provide you with detailed insight into how your consumers are engaging with your brand and your market.

Campaign Performance Reporting

We measure consumer responses to current campaigns to help you make wise decisions about future ad spend.

Audience Analysis

If you want to make an impact with your audience you need to know what makes them tick. Our social media audience analysis gives you a trusted and objective view on the consumers you’re currently engaging with, and you insights on how to improve targeting.

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