Four things to keep in mind for smart social media

  1. Understand
  2. Measure
  3. Use Talent
  4. Think Global

Today’s social media: The importance of understanding emotions

Four tips to turn social media into an effective measure of your marketing efforts.

emotions + context

In 2017, social media data is all grown up.
Impressions? Sure. But emotions and context
can deliver much more actionable insights.

Social is a science where measuring reach and impressions is only the tip of the iceberg. Beyond eyeballs and impressions, brands should measure emotions and connections while also tracking the dynamic of their audience.

Relevance Trumps Reliability

Reliability is nothing without relevance but relevance requires knowledge.

Why do people all over the world connect with Coca Cola? Because their executives have brought the brand to the local level. They took the time to understand what makes local markets tick and have partnered with organisations who can help them turn that local knowledge into brand messaging.

Once you understand the emotions, relevance comes naturally.

Quality Over Quantity

Stop treating social like it is all about volume; social is about influence and influence is about connecting. Connecting is about understanding the people.

When Jameson wanted to leverage St.Patrick’s day to increase sales, they went beyond mass advertising based on volume of impressions and reach. They listened and created content that went directly to users celebrating in key locations, thus creating deep brand relationship and increased advocacy.

That’s how movements are created.

Social is all grown up. It is not free advertising anymore, nor is it traditional pay to play – it is a tool to understand your local audiences and use that knowledge to improve your marketing.

reassess, update

But ensure you use the right data.

Strategy is only as good as the data it’s built on. Is your social data current and actionable?

Make Sure Your Data Makes Sense

Is it actionable? Does it reflect your overall marketing metrics? Does it come with insights and specific recommendations? Use them. Implement them.

With the right data, you can create content that resonates emotionally with audiences.

Relevant Insights Will Help You Connect

Use social insights to further deepen your relationships in social: it’s immediate, frank and unfiltered.

Focus groups can help define brand strategy but when it comes to building real connections, social is the source to favour.

Are You Learning From Your Campaigns?

When something works well, grow it. Expand on it. Push the boundaries. Repurpose content, stretch ideas to their limits and evolve with local trends and behaviours.

Act quickly, and learn from what works. And remember: it’s ok just to try things.

Social has the power to inform high level decision making. Large scale command centres and centralised brand messaging are only as good as the feedback loop they feed into. Reports need to inform content strategy. Brands need to adapt to their audiences’ reactions, content and emotions.

Talent must be quick
acting, curious,
creative and proactive.

Social requires a certain level of emotional intelligence. Surround yourself with people who can get their point across with local agencies as well as global brand leads. They need to understand how to build genuine human relationships while still prioritising key brand KPIs.

Invest In Human Analysis

Tools can’t make up for real human connections. Invest in the right people at every level to ensure your teams work in sync.

Computers can only do so much; human translation is key.

Hire The Right People

It takes a very unique set of individuals to efficiently navigate between your audiences’ needs and corporate priorities. Hire people who can decipher emotional insights from your audience and use them to move fast.

To be successful, your team must be able to decipher raw data and translate it into human language for your audience, as well as into actionable marketing KPIs.

Give Them Room To Fail And Innovate

Give your social team room to rethink, innovate, disrupt. They need to be able to test things quickly, then asses the reaction and adjust the way forward. Give them time to see what meaningful relationships mean for your business.

If they’re equipped with the right data, you might be surprised by what they discover.

When developing strategies for local audiences don’t rely solely on someone’s “understanding of the local market”. Use data focused on who the audience are and how they truly feel about your brand.

Think global,
act local.

For global marketing to reach its objectives and gain real traction, local level insights are key. Who exactly are you speaking to and how can you not only grab their attention but ignite a real connection?

Break The Silos

Too often, local and global act in separate silos or even compete against each other to get their message across. Global and local should not be bound by a hierarchy but by a partnership. Having a global vision is key but knowing how to translate it to local realities is the only way to realise it. Do your local marketing team understand and value this?

Effective Reporting

To be successful, local and global teams need to speak beyond simple quarterly reports. Use tools and metrics everyone values and understands to translate global priorities for local markets and then report on results.

We turn human insight into business value.

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