Social Media Creative Services

Social media creative has the power to give voice to a brand, uncover a human truth, and bring our divided world a little closer together.

After all, that’s why people are on social media in the first place: to connect with others and be part of a collective human experience. The Social Element is able to create a meaningful social media experience for audiences, tailored to business objectives.

Real-time insights = meaningful content

As experts in social media, we observe and capture unique insights about how humans behave, and use these insights to inform our creative strategy. Our 300 strong team of engagement specialists interact with hundreds of thousands of people daily on behalf of dozens of brands.

Being at the heart of consumer conversations means we’re in touch with what audiences genuinely want, like and share.

Our creative will get people interacting with your brand in a new and exciting way

Once we gather insights into your audience’s behaviors, we then package our findings into memorable creative. What will tug on your audience’s heartstrings? What message do we want to leave on their minds?

We know that in social, successful brands are those that have a genuine human connection with their audience. Our creative team specialises in getting to the core of your brand, and inviting your customers into the brand experience to form a deeper connection.

Keep the conversation going

The campaign launch is just the start of the creative social process. With real-time analysis, we’re able to see exactly how your audience is reacting to the content, and double down on the engagement using campaign-specific tone and language.

Our social monitoring capabilities allow us to expand and extend on an emotion sparked by a given campaign, inviting the customer deeper into the branded experience.

Crystal-clear messaging, from start to finish

Social media creative encapsulates the high-level ideation of your brand message. At The Social Element, we’ll go further and stick with you through the execution of your data-backed creative strategy.

Our skilled Social Media Content team will bring the creative campaign to life, deciding how, when, and where the content will live.

By ideating, strategising, and implementing all under one roof, we can make sure that your audience has a seamless branded experience, from start to finish.

Our creative work

The Creative Shootout 2020

The Social Element entered into The Creative Shootout 2020, an award that celebrates creative agencies around the UK. Our Creative team ideated, wrote for, and produced a video highlighting the importance of human connection, to raise awareness for Crisis, a national charity for homeless people. See the finished product here:

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