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This Week’s Social Spot…it’s all about Instagram

This week, we’re talking longer Instagram Stories, Instagram post sharing via DMs, and hearing some unpredictable “one thing about me” stories.

TikTok leans into Gen Z’s online search habits

TikTok’s video descriptions can now be up to 2,200 characters long to allow users to generate more engagement by becoming more searchable. According to Google, almost 40% of young people use TikTok or Instagram when looking for places to eat, so it opens up a host of new opportunities for creators.

This Instagram Story has 60 seconds ⏱️

Instagram users will now be able to post 60 second Story clips without them being broken up into 15 second segments. While it might be a welcome change for viewers who didn’t like having to click through several clips, it could also be a turn off for those who enjoyed those short bouts of Stories they could control.   

Meta’s continues testing ways to keep you in its apps

Meta’s testing a simplified profile-switching interface which connects your profiles on Facebook and Instagram. The interface will show your notifications on each platform and a new account registration and login flow will make login and new account creation across both platforms much easier.

Grab a friend and your running shoes 👟

Classical music has been making a comeback (if it ever left at all) into the mainstream. This particular segment from Offenbach’s “Can Can,” has been used in a myriad of TikTok trends— from replacing rave music, to discussing the cost of living crisis, and now to picking up your partner or a friend and getting them to run as fast as they can. As the song picks up pace, so does their movement. TikTok users have tried this pregnant, pre-surgery, and some have even got their cute pets involved. We’re not sure where everyone’s running to, but they’ve certainly got some speed.

Instagram’s Shopping tab is taking a backseat

While Instagram has become a place for users to discover new brands and products, the idea of making purchases directly on the app has not quite taken off. So, the platform has begun testing a new interface that finds the Shopping tab being replaced by a Notifications tab on the bottom navigation bar.

Share your Instagram posts via DM

As Instagram continues to search for ways to boost engagement, its testing an option that would enable Instagram posts sharing with connections via DM. This could provide brands with an alternative way to alert users to their latest updates but careful management would be needed to avoid it becoming spammy.

Twitter’s looking to help brands build communities

Twitter’s testing a new way to showcase communities by encouraging brands and creators to build and display their chosen community up front on their profile. This could help people find more relevant content and encourage them to engage in your discussions by presenting them with more exclusive, topic-aligned content.

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