Is Instagram Scheduling on the app really here?

This week, we’re talking about Pinterest and Instagram getting musical, Instagram (finally) testing in-app post scheduling, and the pop icons taking over TikTok.

Signed, sealed, scheduled! Instagram launches live test for Instagram scheduling

Instagram has launched a live test of native post Instagram scheduling within the app itself. While this has so far been limited to a small user group, it’s likely this will be expanded. The new feature will allow users to set a date and time for a post to go live, without the need for separate tools. Rumor has it, it will also work on Reels…

🎵Pinterest is getting musical…

Pinterest has updated it’s music library, partnering with the likes of Warner Music Group and BMG to give pinners and creators access to a whole new range of artists. These songs can be added to Idea Pins, giving Pinterest more of a TikTok vibe by combining video and music.

…And so is Instagram 🎵

Instagram is currently testing adding music to profiles under an internal prototype, reminiscent of MySpace. While the social giant hasn’t yet confirmed if this will be rolled out to a user test base, if it did, it could open up new PR opportunities for brands, and allow a new level of self-expression for creators.

We bet the Social Spot made you look 👀

New music really is taking over Tik Tok this week! Pop icon, Meghan Trainor also released her latest album on October 21st and the single “Made You Look” is all over our feeds. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trending song on TikTok without some dance moves from the famed @brookieandjessie, and it’s been amazing to see brands and creators alike showcasing their unique take on the trend. While some users are dancing and enjoying the song, there are others who have put a different spin on it, such as Alexandra Lourdes who owns Saint Honoré Donuts. Meghan herself has been commenting on some of the videos, which has driven more spin-offs. The fashionistas of TikTok are particularly excited about the opportunity to show off their incredible wardrobes, so we hope you’ve got your Gucci on!

Snapchat Stories to last for 7 days for Plus subscribers

Snapchat Plus subscribers can now set their stories to run for up to an entire week, upped from their previous limit of 24 hours. Users can select their preferred time frame for story duration anywhere from one hour to one week, which will allow them to highlight specific moments, such as special occasions, for a longer period of time.

Are you keeping your comments respectful? 👀

Instagram is expanding the Hidden Words feature which launched last year. This safety measure is meant to help combat the hate that creators are often subjected to online by having a pop up notification appear when users are about to send a potentially offensive comment or join in on an already negative conversation.

LinkedIn engagement just keeps getting better

You can now add links to your favourite person or page on your LinkedIn updates. The new ‘page’ and ‘person’ sticker links have been added to drive traffic across different profiles. Since Stories weren’t successful on the platform, LinkedIn is looking for new ways to keep boosting their engagement numbers.

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