Teach Yourself to Use Social Media

Teach Yourself to Use Social Media – The Sunday Times

Tamara Littleton, our CEO, was recently interviewed by The Sundays Times on the importance social media has on customer engagement as a place to gather feedback from people. In ‘Teach Yourself to…Use Social Media’, Tamara points out businesses shouldn’t use the social platforms to just ‘shout about your business’. Social media needs to be used effectively, tailoring your approach according to your business needs.

“This will give you valuable insight, and you can use that knowledge to spot sales opportunities or develop new products,” she said. “If all you do is shout about your business, that can get pretty tiresome for your customers.”

Engaging with users can also humanise your business and help build an affinity for your brand. “Post things that are relevant to your industry and respond to people who take the time to talk to you,” Littleton said.”


To read the full article, click here: “Teach Yourself to…Use Social Media” 

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