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TikTok Updates – October 2023

TikTok is still the powerhouse of social apps and it wants to stay that way. 

October saw more updates from TikTok as it looks to keep users’ attention, keep creators happy and bring more people to the app.  

Sharing TikToks beyond the app

It’s common to see a TikTok video trending on other social platforms, like Twitter, but TikTok is launching a new feature that lets creators do more.

One of the latest updates from TikTok is the Profile Kit. It will let creators display up to six videos on another site – such as Linktree (which acts as a social profile and content showcase/hub).

TikTok knows that sharing videos on other platforms is a great way to bring new users to the app (and it helps show brands and advertisers the reach of TikTok videos).

Enhancing safety for users and creators

In a very sensible update from the platform, it raised the minimum age that users can live stream from 16 to 18. It’s also introduced adult-only live streams (it’s not quite what you think, it just means that live streamers can set an 18+ rule for viewers, so they don’t have to have under-18s viewing and commenting on their content).

If that’s not enough, it’s also improving the keyword filtering tool. Creators can add keywords to filter out comments they don’t want to see already, but the changes will suggest other keywords for them to filter.

We can’t forget that there is still the matter of harassment and hate content on the platform. The BBC reports one filmmaker (with 1700 followers) being swamped with hateful comments after publishing a film about sexual consent, which has had 1.2 million views so far. While TikTok has deleted 100 comments, the creator feels overwhelmed by the response and unable to reply in the way she would like. 

This is probably (definitely!) an area TikTok should focus on to support creators. 

TikTok’s introducing new editing tools to enhance storytelling

TikTok recently posted an update about what it’s doing to enhance storytelling for creators. It’s enhanced clip and sound editing, as well as editing the position of text. Creators now have more overlay options and can adjust video speed, add sound effects, and frame content (such as zooming in/out of frame). 

It’s also introduced photo mode, where people can share still images with or without music on carousel posts. Users can now add longer descriptions (2,200 characters) to videos and image posts.

Offering more options should make for more engaging content on the platform, keeping users entertained.  

New commitments to shopping and gaming

One of the recent updates for TikTok suggests it may be backtracking on expanding its shopping service in Europe ( it’s currently recruiting for fulfilment centre staff in the US). 

According to The Verge, TikTok plans to provide services like warehousing, delivery and returns for merchants on the app. It could be a really useful service for independent retailers and give shoppers more confidence when placing orders.

The FT reports that TikTok is launching a stand-alone gaming channel, which users will be able to access via a dedicated tab. People will be able to play a range of mobile games (and buy extra content for them), and it will also make money through advertising.

These new services both offer new ways for creators and brands to interact with users and should help TikTok encourage people to spend more time on the app.

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