10 TikTok Tips for Retail and Fashion Brands

We’re a global social media agency who love helping brands build genuine human connections through social media. It’s no different when it comes to social media marketing for retail and fashion brands. 

We’re keen to be on-trend and deliver insights at the speed of culture. How? TikTok. 

TikTok trends travel faster, have higher engagement rates across a broad range of demographics, and generate real returns for retail and fashion brands.  Effective social media marketing for retail and fashion brands that really builds human connections requires brands to look their best across platforms and reach their audience, wherever they are spending their time.

For over 1 billion users, in 150 markets speaking 75 different languages, that is TikTok. 

We’ve got some TikTok tips for retail and fashion brands to help position your brand for success.  

Make your social media content count

Whether you are strategising content with influencers or inhouse,  make every moment of your content count. Long discussions of five ways to wear a cardigan are not going to be convincing. However, styling pieces multiple ways for multiple occasions, is relevant and offers users the opportunity to see themselves in a product, thus increasing the likelihood for sale, or return visit. 

Listen and spot the trends

Whether you are managing your TikTok in-house or you hire a fashion and retail social media marketing agency, like The Social Element, be sure that you have the tools to follow the trends. Listening to your audience should always be at the forefront of your TikTok strategy. Create listening processes that pinpoint opportunities and develop action plans to act on trends as quick as they pass down the runway. Be sure that these plans are rooted in your brand messaging or risk your core audience, running-away. 

Discover Trending Hashtags 

Frequent posting without a studio or without a big budget for influencers might sound really intimidating, but do not let it stop you from using TikTok. The key to being able to generate content on trend, that reaches new audiences, and generates an authentic connection starts with social media listening. To start employing eye catching and revenue capturing hashtags for sound and sight, start listening and researching on TikTok discovery. It is a great resource for brands to explore audiences, influencers, and content that is gaining traction. You can also use this tool to get news about fashion trends before they even hit the big mags and publications. This is part of our social cycle and part of social listening, research every facet of these trends before launching a campaign.

Know your tone of voice 

Do not just style your products and look pretty! Lean into TikTok trends and engage your audience emotionally. We would not recommend boldly pushing dialogues without cause. “Hey, Sharon, Cute Top, we make one too,” is not the comment anyone is looking for. Consider an engagement strategy that is light and fresh, and offers a human element to it. Discussing new colour combinations and trends, sure, but is there something more human to add or derive from the engagement? No need to “gild the lily” on these, if you are not using a strategy that has emotion with this, compliments and comments can seem inauthentic. 

Build genuine human connections

Big filters and overproduced content are very last season, to make real connections with audiences on TikTok for fashion and retail, you need to get real. We could tell you to jump on every trend and shoot for a viral post, or jump on a viral posts trend, but our strategies lean more into what is sustainable in the long run. As a social media agency who is committed to being inclusive, and who build long lasting brand communication strategies that unite audiences, rather than divide, to increase revenue, we always start with listening. Then delivering insights to help craft creative content that pulls in brand loyalists, and expands audiences, naturally.

Get in touch with us to find new ways to discover broader audiences and make real connections on TikTok. 

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