Adverts turning negativity into creativity

Today, any business can receive criticism in real time. Most will simply apologise. Some however, take the brave decision to own their shortcomings.

This week’s review is about different creative responses to negative situations.


Notorious for its poor customer service and general levels of hygiene, Dutch hotel chain Hans Brinker decided to own it all. Their funny print ads tell you everything you need to know about what to expect when you stay with Hans.

Hotel art


Drawing male genitalia on public walls is a favoured pastime for many a would-be graffiti artist. Art Director Matt Dunn flipped this into a way of reminding people to practice safe sex, on behalf of the NHS.

covering up



Perhaps the most famous of them all was Mother London’s award-winning response to KFC UK running out of chicken last year. After such a fundamental mistake, there really was only one way to respond. Its boldness immediately deflated what could have been a PR nightmare.


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