BIMA Awards 2017 Finalist

We're a BIMA Awards 2017 Finalist

BIMA Awards 2017 Finalist
We’re happy to announce we’ve been named as a finalist for the Advance Award for Attracting and Retaining Talent in the BIMA Awards 2017.
Our entry focused on how our set up as an agency encourages diversity and a low staff turnover – two things we’re really proud of.
We’ve built a fully flexible and distributed workforce model that is truly innovative in the agency market. As people aren’t tied to an office location, we can recruit from anywhere in the world. Our team are located across 46 countries, working in more than 50 languages.
Opportunities are opened up to people who can’t commute easily, either because of a disability, or mobility restrictions, or because they care for someone at home. It also brings a higher proportion of parents who want to work around their children’s schedules, for example.
Of course, when your team is spread across the world, a cohesive company culture can be difficult to foster. However, it’s something we’re really passionate about. Led by our Chief People Officer, Wendy Christie, we’ve worked hard to create a clear culture as a single team. We run initiatives giving everyone the chance to contribute to and define culture and hold regular webinars keep all team members up to date with what’s going on.
Everyone at The Social Element has the chance to advance in the agency. All roles are advertised internally, and the board and executive management team has all been promoted from within.
We’re extremely proud of our team and the culture we’ve all helped build and we’re always looking to add new faces to the mix. Make sure you check our jobs portal to see the latest open roles with us.
Fingers crossed for the BIMA Awards win!

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