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TikTok keeps brands, creators and viewers coming back for more

TikTok had a busy May as it found more ways to keep users engaged and for brands and creators to get the most out of the platform.

Helping brands discover the perfect creator to partner with

TikTok has launched Branded Mission – billed as an “ad solution” that helps advertisers “crowdsource authentic content from creators on TikTok, turn top-performing videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media impressions.”

While some brands seem to have cracked TikTok, others have a harder time getting it right (and some are still unsure if they should even be on it – link to or blog should your brand be on TikTok). 

Branded Mission could go a long way in helping you and your brand understand TikTok best practice – and open the door to the content creators and influencers that are the perfect partner for you.

Keeping creators and brands on TikTok happy

TikTok realises that the app thrives on its authentic creators and brand support. So, it’s introducing Pulse, which is sort of like the YouTube Partner Programme. 

You’ll be able place ads “alongside TikTok Clips that are in the top 4% of top performers on any given day”. In this way, creators and brands can start earning some additional money from their TikTok efforts.

TikTok also started to roll out its creator editing tool, which lets creators give credit to other creators (and tag them in videos). A great bonding exercise for the the TikTok community!

Keeping users engaged and on TikTok

Of course, the third part of what keeps TikTok’s community vibrant is regular users of the app. While there are no signs of people losing interest in TikTok, the app is continuing to look for ways to keep things fresh, relevant and entertaining.

It’s replacing the ‘Discover’ tab with one for ‘Friends’ – making it easier for users to follow the content they’re already interested in. 

TikTok’s also exploring how to use LIVE games on the platform and is looking at adding a virtual gifting experience called ‘treasure box’ – which gives coins to random viewers after a timer ends.

With features that benefit not only brands but also users and creators, TikTok is certainly getting the balance right with their audience.

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