How to Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page

We posted about this in 2011, but as Facebook has changed significantly in the last four years we thought it would be worth updating.
There are some situations where you might want to contact the administrator of a Facebook Page: for example, if it’s an unofficial Fan Page, if there is misinformation you’d like the page owner to correct, or if you’d like to get in touch directly and congratulate them on a Page well run.
Unlike with personal profiles, it isn’t immediately obvious how to go about reaching out to pages. Here’s the ways you can do it.

Send the page a private message

If the page has this feature enabled, you’ll see a button in the page header which allows you to send the page administrators a private message.
Message button on a Facebook page
It’s like a regular Facebook Messenger message  – the page owner will receive a notification that they have a message in their inbox. This message is private and can only be seen by the admins of the page.
But, as we mentioned, the page has to have this feature enabled – not all of them do.
Pages that respond to messages quickly and consistently  – responding to at least 90% of messages with a median response time of 5 minutes – will have a little green icon below their cover photo.
Very responsive to messages indicator

Check the ‘About’ tab

The about tab is where you can find out information about the brand/person that owns the page.  It’s accessible through the tab in the page header. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the information you need.
The 'About' tab on a Facebook page
However, what information a page’s ‘about’ section contains is completely up to the page owner. Many business list physical addresses, phone numbers and email contact details – but many don’t list much information at all.

Post to the page

Posting to a page is similar to posting to their wall. However, unlike messaging a page – this method is public, and can be seen by anyone who can see the page.
To post to a page, use the ‘post’ field at the top of the news feed. The page owner will receive a notification and your post will appear in the ‘Posts to page box’ on the left of the page.
Posting to a Facebook page
However, as with direct messages, not all pages enable fans to use this feature.
The most important thing to keep in mind with this method is that it’s public, so if you need to contact a page manager about something that you don’t want to share with strangers, it’s best to leave a message asking for direct contact details.

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