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How to create organic social content that resonates with your audience

In my last post on organic social media, I looked at how organic social engagement is gaining prominence again, and what brands can do to create content that people love.

But what if you’re new to using organic social content? There are some great tips you can learn from those brands that do organic social well.

Brands that have nailed organic social do three key things: 

  1. They give the community what they want. Taco Bell partnered with Doja Cat to bring back the Mexican pizza (she had tweeted her disappointment at Taco Bell dropping the item from the menu back in 2020). The campaign went viral on TikTok, and sales went through the roof. While partnering with Doja Cat was inspired, the real key to success was listening to the community and giving them what they wanted.
  2. They jump on an opportunity. I used to work for the fashion brand, Champion. For a while, it wasn’t really seen as a must-have brand, but all that changed when  celebrities like the Kardashians started wearing the label. Capitalizing on this by doing things like rewarding user-generated content, the brand’s Instagram followers went from zero to five million.  
  3. They have fun with social, sometimes at their own expense. The most successful brands on social media don’t take themselves too seriously. They roll with the punches, and poke fun at themselves occasionally.

So if your brand is looking to pump up its social presence, here’s where to start. 

Look at the sort of engagement you get on your pages. Who’s interacting with you? What sort of things do they like and what don’t they enjoy? Instead of promoting content straight out the gate, boost content that is doing well with your audience organically first (your budget will go much further). 

Expand your social listening. Look at what people outside your community are saying, as well as your most passionate fans. Find out what they’re talking about within your category, and outside of it.  Speak their language authentically and find ways to bring people together. 

Don’t just chase reach, chase niche. Reach can be relatively simple to achieve with paid social, but there’s a lot of wastage. IF you mix it up a bit and look at finding a niche as well, you could have a better return. We usually recommend a combination of high reach and niche, so you can find new audiences without neglecting your most engaged fans. 

Work with your community’s influencers. There will be people within your community who can introduce your brand to new people. Find out who they are, and work with them. They’ll be your best advocates. 

Organic social media can seem intimidating if you’re used to relying on paid social to bring people to your brand.

But in essence, it’s about using creativity and insight to build a passionate fanbase.

This is really going back to what social media does well, rediscovering your roots and connecting with people based on their interaction, rather than just demographic and tracking data. It’s a more human way to engage on social, and that’s powerful.

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