How travel brands on social media are inspiring travellers

The travel sector is bouncing back from the impact of the pandemic, and despite the cost of living crisis, tourism isn’t slowing down. In fact, it may be set to increase by almost 30% this year. Younger travellers, especially, are keen to have experiences they’ve missed out on.

We all have so many options when it comes to flights, hotels and package holidays, which makes it even more important that travel brands on social media stand out from their competitors, and have their own unique voice. 

Let’s not forget that more and more Gen Z are now using social media for travel inspiration

Here are three ways travel brands on social media are inspiring us this year. 

Content to inspire travel ideas 

The gloom of January and February is when many people start thinking about their next getaway. Social media is a great way to give consumers a glimpse of what they could expect from a destination, the best sights to see, or even what food to enjoy. 

TUI is focusing on cuisine on TikTok to promote its new TV series on Amazon Prime (World Cook). 

Emirates is showcasing unusual destinations with some great images on Instagram. 

Singapore Airlines asks travellers to tag the airline in their photos of scenery shot from the plane window, reminding us the holiday is about more than the destination. 

Expedia is sharing videos on TikTok that are designed to inspire our holiday planning, from city guides to packing tips. 

TikTok is massive for travel brands 

We’ve talked a lot about the power of TikTok, and travel brands are no exception. With more and more people researching their destinations on TikTok, it’s the obvious place for brands to showcase everything from restaurants to beaches. 

AirBnB uses TikTok to showcase its hosts in stunning locations, for example:  


this stay is as solid as a rock thanks to host grant 🪨 #airbnbpartner #airbnb #boulder #utah

♬ original sound – airbnb

And Disney uses TikTok to show visitors behind the scenes footage of the park, including what goes into the park’s creation: 

Research by luxury travel brand Desination2 lists the top beaches in the world based on their TikTok views (number one is Bondi Beach, with 445.8 million views). 

With TikTok’s engaged community (#TikTokTravel has around 27 billion views), it’s a great way to reach new consumers. 

Working with influencers

We’ll probably see travel brands continue to work with influencers but with less of a high-end slant. 

Air Canada recently worked with Brendin Kelly, showing the content creator off to take a flight and filming a beautiful shot of a lake at his destination.


@brendinkelly’s POV says it all. When you travel with purpose, finding paradise is easy 🇮🇹. // Le point de vue de @brendinkelly en dit long. Voyager pour découvrir c’est trouver son petit bout de paradis 🇮🇹.

♬ original sound – Air Canada

Marriott Hotels works with a range of influencers, including One Girl One World to showcase their hotels: 

The key to a good influencer programme is to work with influencers who are relatable, where people can imagine themselves in that picture. 

Whatever travel brands on social media are doing, the content needs to be authentic, inspiring, and connect with consumers. Here are our top tips for making your content shine

  1. Use hashtags to create communities around key travel themes. Encourage people to tag you in photos and videos, to expand your reach 
  2. Think about your tone of voice. Finances are tough for many people; take this into account when choosing your influencer or campaign style 
  3. Set up social media monitoring to listen to what your audiences want from you, and respond to their needs and wants quickly. You could even use it to create incredible moments of surprise and delight for travelers 
  4. Create content that’s specific to the platform you’re on. Don’t just post a travel ad to TikTok – invest in creating native content. It’ll go much further 

To talk to us about how your travel brand could fly on social media, get in touch!

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