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Maintain your brand reputation with a positive social media experience

Companies should bolster their social media engagement activities if they want to maintain and protect their brand reputation to create a genuine human connection between themselves and customers.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has found that maintaining brand reputation is the number one priority for its members, in an article published in the Drum this week. The CIM interviewed 344 of its members and brand reputation was the top priority for six in 10 respondents.

Brand reputation is a must for companies to fight their competition in a bid to become the number one brand in their industry.

Brand loyalty has been put to the test during the pandemic when some products were not available and customers looked at alternatives. 

Companies can utilise the power of social media engagement to strengthen their brand reputation by ensuring that it communicates in an open and transparent way to develop that relationship with customers.

Everyone wants to have a good social media engagement, but what does that look like?

You need an experienced team of creative writers that know instinctively when to interact. They are able to write responses that combine the right level of empathy, authenticity and add value to the conversation. Each response that is written should be as unique as possible to create a genuine, human connection and create amazing relationships with their audience.

Now more than ever, we are appreciating relationships and this is no different with the brands we spend our hard earned money on. We want brands to have the same values as we do and be seen to uphold them. These values have to come through every time that a brand communicates on social media.

This is not the time to post up stock, corporate sounding responses.

Good engagement specialists take the time to write the best responses they can using the brand tone of voice and emphasising the personal touch, rather than posting a generic phrase or emoji that could be used by any brand.

At the end of the week, take a look back at the responses your social media engagement team have posted and see how many times your customers have reacted or responded back to these responses.

This will give you a clear indication of whether your responses are resonating with your audience. If they aren’t, then it’s time to refresh how you talk to your customers. You want extended conversations to take place on your social accounts, as this creates a community of brand advocates that will talk and share positive stories about you on their own social accounts. 

Social media engagement is more than just responding to queries.

Brands should be building positive experiences online with customers to maintain brand reputation.

You need to appraise how your responses make your customers feel. We all crave that warm, fuzzy feeling and your customers on social media are no different.

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