Julie Doleman: Generous Mentor and Respected Leader

Julie Doleman: Generous Mentor and Respected Leader

This week on Genuine Humans, Tamara and Wendy are joined by Julie Doleman, MD of Global Expansion at Experian. 

Their conversation covers some of the innovations Julie is driving at Experian, including its shift in focus to creating a culture that’s truly customer-centric, and how that will develop in the year ahead. Julie shares her views on building a successful collaborative leadership style, and how to shake things up to prevent stagnation. 

She also talks about why she always wanted a job with a briefcase when she was a child; and what it was like growing up as a first-generation American, born to immigrant parents, and how that shaped her career. 

Julie makes two great book recommendations: The Culture Map by Erin Meyer; and The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, by Charlie McKesey. 


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