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Milimo Banji: Be Comfortable With Failure

Milimo Banji: Be Comfortable With Failure

Mils Banji’s on a mission. Through his company, TapIn, Mils wants to prepare 100 million young people for the world of work. 

This week, Mils joins Tamara and Wendy to chat about what inspired him to set this inspirational goal for himself. We hear how his early childhood in Zambia and his experiences once his family moved to the UK, helped shape his drive to learn, explore and inspire people. 

We also hear how his mentor, Kunle Babarinde, helped guide Mils to early success with TapIn.

If there’s one thing Mils would advise anyone interested in starting their own business, it would be to get comfortable with failure. We all fail. But it’s by picking ourselves up and trying again that we find out what we’re truly capable of.

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