Genuine Humans

Sam Dolan: Focus On What You Love

Sam Dolan: Focus On What You Love

In this episode of Genuine Humans, Tamara and Wendy are joined by Sam Dolan, head of marketing for Aunt Bessie’s.

Sam got her start in marketing after someone told her that she was “good at talking” so should “give it a go”. Just a few weeks into her first marketing job, Sam realised that she’d found her passion.

Sam talks about the importance of really caring about the brands you work for, especially when your job is to encourage other people to love them, too. We learn how being tenacious can benefit your career, and the importance of resilience when it comes to real leadership.

Sam reminds us about the value of being your authentic self and of cultivating teams that thrive together for the good of the brand (and each other).

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