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This Week’s Social Spot… I remember when…

This week, we’re exploring TikTok shopping, adding music to Instagram images, and having a riff challenge.

Please don’t enable this new Facebook group feature

If you run a Facebook group, you may have seen a recent update allowing you to give all group members the option to become moderators. Our advice: don’t use it! You are better off keeping the group admin roles to members of staff or select group members you trust to do a good moderation job.

Ever felt like your photo post was missing music?

You’ll now see an ‘Add Music’ option when you create a new photo post on Instagram, where you can search for a track to add. Just like Reels and Stories, brands will be limited to choosing licensed tracks from Meta’s Sound Collection for their image audio.

TikTok don’t stop, they want you to shop 🛍️

TikTok launched a test of their e-commerce TikTok shopping feature with select retailers in the US this week, just in time to compete with other big retailers like Amazon this holiday season.  Not much else is known as of yet other than the fact that users will be able to shop directly in the app.

Riff challenge? Let’s go! 🎤

Ever wondered whether you can hit those high notes? Give it a try with the latest viral audio sweeping through TikTok. The original singing trend set to Gnarls Barkley’s hit song “Crazy” was created by nataliejanesings and has gained a whopping 115M views and counting. Sri and Chris Olsen, Meghan Trainor’s BFFs, also decided to jump on the challenge with incredible results. Other spin-off videos have seen couples and friends using Sri and Chris’ audio, while others have taken inspiration from Natalie and decided to show off their own voices, with sometimes hilarious results, such as this grandma and grandson duo. Grab a friend and a hairbrush microphone, and sing your heart out!

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