What content captures your attention on your social media stream?

As we learned last week, we take in information from all the sources around us and process them through our internal filters, impacting the nature of the thoughts we have. 

In the second post of our Wellness is an Ongoing Journey series; we propose this inquiry:

How are social media channels and their exponentially growing content a reflection of our individual thought streams?  

According to current statistics, we are spending (on average) 144 minutes or 2 hrs 24 mins on social media every day.  Consider the amount of information you are exposed to during this time.

Researchers say we have between 60,000 – 90,000 thoughts per day.  This thought stream is ever-present and ongoing whether you’re aware of it or not.  Take that in for a moment.

At the biological level, a thought is an electrical impulse that occurs in the synapse; the space between two neurons (brain cells) when they communicate with each other.  This messaging between neurons activates the thoughts we have and our response to those thoughts (or lack of.)  

So how are our social media channels and their constantly growing content a reflection of our individual thought streams?  

  • Social media can be described as a superhighway of information; as is our thought stream.  
  • Social media posts gain traction through sharing of information and connecting with more people.  A thought gains traction by you repeatedly putting attention on it, and is strengthened by sharing it with others in the form of ideas. 
  • Social media posts evoke emotional responses. In the brain, two neurons communicating via a synapse activates chemicals that impact the body’s response; such as feeling stressed or happy,

 You may ask “So what?”  

The point is this: Internally and externally we are exposed to limitless amounts of information presented in byte-sized form; however we can choose which thoughts we focus on and pay attention to; just as we can choose which social media posts we want to focus on and respond to.

This is key because our prominent and repetitive thoughts impact our feelings and our behaviour.

This practice of noticing, choosing and putting attention on what is best for us is an ongoing journey. Remember what you focus on, grows.

Today’s challenge: When you’re next using social media, consider how much information is being presented for you to consume and tend to. Compare this to your thought stream and how much information is being presented there in every moment.  

What are you choosing to put your attention on and how is it affecting your daily thoughts, feelings and behaviours? 

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