What does it take to be a brave leader?

This week, it was our pleasure to be a key sponsor at The Marketing Society’s Bravest Conference on Wednesday 6th November.

Our synergy with the Society is strong, as our belief in genuine human connections, matched with their commitment to being brave, means we share a passion for creating safe spaces for people to properly connect.  

The incredible line of speakers on the day shared their brave stories and inspired us all to push the boundaries and act on what we believe in. As a sponsor of the event, we wanted to give attendees a chance to talk about what being brave means to them, too, baring their souls and sharing their stories with friends, colleagues and strangers. So we created a ‘Booth of Truth’, a confessional-style space for people to connect with each other and share experiences, thoughts and ideas. 

We had an amazing response, and people did what we hoped they would – created genuine human connections over shared moments of intimacy and warmth. 

A big talking point at the event was the inspiring line-up of speakers.

Among others, Gina Miller shared her journey that followed a continuous quest for justice; 20-year old amputee racing driver Billy Monger talked about how he no longer has time for negativity in his life; and surgeon David Nott made us question what it takes to put your life at risk to save others.

Our big take-outs from the day included the impact of trust and letting your team create their own destiny, the importance of creating an environment where everyone has permission to fail, the impact of pausing, and of facing your problems head on and of ploughing an idea through the most adverse of responses to create real change.  

All in all, the day was an immersion in bravery and inspiration and it was an honour to just be there, let alone be a sponsor. We were inspired to keep pushing our own brave agenda defined by our passion for human connections, encouraging our clients to be extraordinary on social, opening themselves up to consumers in a genuine way and having the confidence to take risks and try new ways to amplify their brand.

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