Managing a global crisis for FMCG brands

FMCG brands are the everyday essentials in people’s baskets, so, unsurprisingly, producers have seen a spike in demand as a result of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus, and the subsequent lockdown, has affected the way consumers shop around the world. People are:

  1. Making fewer trips to the supermarket and they’re buying more at once.
  2. Changing the way they shop at convenience stores
  3. Doing more online shopping
  4. Stocking up on the essentials
  5. Turning to food that provides comfort and convenience
  6. Buying what they can, even if it’s not their usual brand
  7. Consumers aren’t browsing at the moment
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FMCG brands need to focus on developing and maintaining their relationships with consumers.

We’re seeing some FMCG brands doing things that they wouldn’t usually do to help consumers through this crisis.

  1. They’re putting marketing activities to one side to focus on keeping people informed about important issues
  2. They’re showing ways that families can keep kids entertained
  3. They’re showcasing and supporting health professionals


During this crisis, it’s more important than ever that brands communicate with empathy, understanding and honesty. People want accurate information, positive news and a little reassurance.