Managing a global crisis for CPG brands

As we prepared to head into confinement, households started stocking-up on essentials, which created a significant spike in CPG sales.

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Coronavirus, and the subsequent confinement measures implemented by many, has affected the way consumers shop around the world. People are doing more online shopping, stocking up on the essentials and buying what they can even if it’s not their usual brand.

CPG brands are adapting their social content to meet these consumer changes:

  1. They’re putting marketing activities to one side to focus on keeping people informed about important issues
  2. They’re sharing information from scientists
  3. They’re taking action to support communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19


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CPG brands need to focus on developing and maintaining their relationships with consumers.

During this crisis, it’s more important than ever that brands communicate with empathy, understanding and honesty. People want accurate information, positive news and a little reassurance.

When we feel like our access to basic necessities is threatened, it’s easy for us to feel insecure and anxious. CPG brands are among those that make up the foundation of many people’s regular shopping, so clear communication is especially important for these brands.