Supporting the mental wellness and self care of your team

For leaders to see a positive impact on their businesses, they need to care about the wellbeing of the people they work with.

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Create a culture that supports mental wellness and advocates self-care

The Mental Health Foundation has provided some guidelines, which include: 

  • The mental health and wellbeing of employees are core assets of the business.
  • The business must make it safe and effective for people to disclose any mental health issues and look for ways for colleagues to support each other by sharing their lived experience (if they choose to).
  • People should be comfortable being themselves at work – they shouldn’t be made to feel like they have to hide part of their identity to belong.
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When a business has a culture that supports mental wellness and encourages self-care, it becomes easier for the business to offer wellness guidance themselves.

  1. Businesses can promote autonomy and control
  2. Businesses can encourage people to create a positive environment for strong social connections
  3. Businesses can help people control their use of social media and apply mindfulness techniques

In this guide, we’ll outline some approaches that have worked for The Social Element team. While we’re not mental health experts, we’ve written this guide in close collaboration with our wellness coordinator (and trained counsellor) – Chatelle Jeram.