Navigating your brand through a global crisis

Crisis control and managing a distributed workforce

How can your business prepare for prolonged disruption? How will you manage a suddenly remote team?

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Ensuring your business is prepared to manage an active global crisis

Crises are exhausting for everyone – especially those in customer service. At The Social Element, we help organisations prepare for those challenging times.

The global pandemic is an unprecedented situation for organisations and their people. It’s on everyone’s mind. In this crisis, ensuring the safety of employees and customers must come first.

But, the crisis creates other crises for businesses – from retailers having to deal with frantic customers, to the restaurants and cafes that are switching to delivery services for the first time.

It’s a rapidly evolving situation. You can’t control a pandemic, or how governments and people respond to it. 

You can control your response.

To see seven ways you can take back control and manage an active crisis, download the whitepaper.

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working from home

Managing remote teams

Many businesses won’t be used to having their entire workforce working virtually. It may take managers – and team members – some time to adjust to the new situation, especially when they will have other concerns. 

The global crisis is forcing organisations to change the way they work, and it’s creating other crises that organisations have to deal with. Collaboration and support throughout the company is more important than ever right now, as teams work together to overcome the challenges that businesses are facing.

With that in mind, this whitepaper will provide you with seven ways that business leadership and team managers can make the transition easier for everyone.

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